Are the mirrors scratch-resistant?

Generally, there is no problem with friction, but the hardness of some artificial silicon carbide compounds can also reach level 9. The same level will leave scratches on the mirror surface, such as artificial marble, minerals, and some artificial devices, such as metal plus carbon, added by silicon.

Another point is that although the hardness of the mirror is hard enough if you hit it hard with a blade or sharp metal, it will leave scratches on the mirror. Although the hardness of these blades and metals is not high, they can also cause enough damage with a particular strength, just like water droplets piercing a stone.

Fog phenomenon

The main reason is that the temperature inside the dial suddenly differs from the outside.

In the north, the heating is generally turned on, and the indoor temperature is around 26 degrees. Then, when you suddenly go outside, it’s a few degrees below zero. In this case, the temperature of the mirror surface has not dropped, and the external temperature is too low, resulting in a relatively significant temperature difference. It will only fog up; this phenomenon is normal and not water ingress; as long as the mirror surface temperature is not much different from the outside temperature, the fog on the dial will dissipate.

Therefore, it is recommended to take off the watch when washing hands in winter because the hands are cold, and the ambient temperature difference is significant, which may cause this phenomenon.

Where is the crown logo on the Rolex crystal?

Usually located at 6 o’clock, this logo is very pocket and translucent. Not easy to see with the naked eye. There are also some models of watches without the crown logo.

Can replica watches be used with peace of mind?

The replica watches sold in this store will be strictly inspected when purchasing. Watch eyes that need maintenance will be maintained in our store and observes that need to be replaced will be displayed and sold after the parts are replaced. Please rest assured of the quality of the watch.

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